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Who is Whisper?

Whisper is a cuddly, friendly sheep who lives in the Irish countryside. He understands too well how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep. He should know, you count him and his flock almost every night, hoping they will help you drift off. Whisper feels your pain. So, he has decided to enlist the help of a group of bedding experts and create a range of mattresses so exquisite and luxurious, you won’t need to count him anymore. These memory foam mattresses will all feature Whisper’s thick, soft wool to wrap you in warmth and hug you to sleep each night.

Because we do not believe in the myth of the unique mattress that fits everyone, WHISPER has created his own mattress!

We are all different, each of us with individual needs and demands. We expect to be able to tailor everything to our specific needs, so why should it be different when choosing a mattress?
Whisper understands that you are unique.

Whisper mattresses have been created from the same base materials: high resilience foam for support, viscoelastic foam for comfort, merino wool for heat and 3D fabrics for freshness.
Each mattress has been designed to respond to a specific need. From the athlete to the insomniac, from the person who overheats to the one with back problems, everyone will find their own unique mattress in the WHISPER Bedding® collection.

No more counting sheep, Whisper will send you fast asleep!

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WHISPER, your bedtime buddy.

Whisper’s incredible innovation.

WHISPER BEDDING® was created with the purpose of offering products that respond to individual needs and tastes, always using the best quality materials at very reasonable prices. The WHISPER mattress has been designed to suit every type of sleeper, with a perfectly balanced medium firmness.

By combining the know-how of mattress manufacturing and the latest innovation in sleep technology, the team at WHISPER has created a collection of products as unique as the little sheep himself.

The WHISPER mattress is made up of 9 different comfort zones, so it gives personalised support for each part of the body: feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, neck and head.

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In addition, it isolates movements during the night so it has no motion transfer, meaning sleeping partners will not affect your sleep, whatever their sleep patterns.

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WHISPER uses ultra-breathable materials: 3D fabrics and foams with alveolar cells to let air pass and release heat and humidity.
All the elements used in manufacturing comply with European standards of safety, health and hygiene.
The fabrics are certified free of harmful substances by Oeko-tex® and foams by Certipur®.

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Whisper also offers a 30-night trial and a super guarantee of durability with a 10-year warranty!


Find the Whisper mattress that suits you!

After hundreds of ideas, prototypes and tests, they have agreed on a collection that can respond to all the needs and problems encountered by a large selection of consumers.

classic collection
evolution collection


Unique design, ultimate comfort.

WHISPER has wanted to develop a range that adapts to the vast majority. With a thickness between 18 and 25 cm, its composition suits most people, bed or situation. By choosing a model from this collection, be assured of acquiring an adaptive and universal mattress.

WHISPER Classic mattress
Whisper Classic
Whisper CLASSIC+ mattress
Whisper Classic+
Whisper CLASSIC+ XL mattress
Whisper Classic+ XL
Whisper KIDS yellow mattress
Whisper kids yellow
Whisper KIDS pink mattress
Whisper kids pink
Whisper KIDS blue mattress
Whisper kids blue


Sleep technology at your service!

WHISPER has thought of everyone. Whether you are an athlete, an insomniac, sensitive to changes in temperature or are suffer with joint problems, WHISPER has a mattress to suit you.
WHISPER has created a set of high-end models in this range from 25 to 30 cm. Each model is composed of intricately designed new generation foams.

Whisper DUAL mattress
Whisper Dual
WHisper ACTIVE mattress
Whisper Active
Whisper ZEN mattress
Whisper Zen
Whisper THERMOGEL mattress
Whisper IMPERIAL mattress




Quantity does not necessarily always mean better quality.
We don’t disguise low quality foams in our mattresses.

Certain brands want you to believe that « the more layers of foam, the better the quality of the mattress. ».
WHISPER has chosen to concentrate on the quality of the materials instead of the quantity of these. Each foam used in the manufacture of our products presents the indispensable qualities of a high-end mattress.

  • All of our materials are certified free of harmful substances by globally recognised bodies such as Certipur® and Oeko-Tek®. They have also been treated with different anti-mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic treatments.
  • Different tests of compression, elasticity and breathability have been carried out according to EU standards, as well as quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Our products have been developed through feedback from users reviews and recorded sleep studies. Our team of sleep experts lead ongoing studies aimed at understanding your sleep habits in order to create products that meet your expectations.


Whisper suits all bedframes and bases!

WHISPER BEDDING® mattresses have been created to adapt to all types of bedframes and bases. It is no longer necessary to change the bedframe or base when changing your mattress to a WHISPER mattress!

Whisper suits all positions!
Whisper suits all positions!

Whisper suits all positions!

WHISPER mattresses have been created to allow you to sleep in any position.
On your tummy, on your back, on your side, in a foetal position, alone, accompanied.

Whisper suits all body shapes and sizes!

We have developed WHISPER from high quality materials to ensure universal relaxation. The different foams and the 9-zone structure of our mattresses guarantee a perfect rest regardless of a person’s weight, size or sleeping habits.
Whatever the body composition, we are sure that WHISPER will become your best ally for a great night’s sleep.

Whisper suits all body shapes and sizes!



Whisper Bedding® has selected the latest innovations. Different types of memory foam, high-resilience polyurethane foam and latex are used in our mattresses as well as certified fabrics.

Discover WHISPER Bedding® trademarks: symbols of innovation and assurances of the best materials used in our products.

icons of Whisper Classic mattress

Check out our customers reviews.

“This mattress is amazing and well worth the price. So comfortable and pretty. Not too soft, not too firm..Haven’t slept so good in a long time and fell this mattress will last a while..Will be purchasing the pillows too!”

whisper sporty surf imageKATE BALMER, Whisper IMPERIAL

“The mattress is very comfy and was conveniently delivered within the week. Easy to set up.”

whisper girl imageROSALYN WENHAM, Whisper ZEN

“I had back problems until I got this mattress. Despite the fact that this mattress is extremely supportive, it is super comfortable. Would absolutely recommend.”

whisper sporty tennis imageLUKE O’DONNELL, Whisper IMPERIAL
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At Whisper Bedding® we listen to our customers. To get in touch, complete the CONTACT FORM.

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